Michie Building Refurbishment 

University of Queensland

The Michie Building upgrade project substantially re-organises all internal spaces and services. This refurbishment improves the amenity of the building transforming highly partitioned office space and lightless corridors to floor plates with better access to light and views reinforcing the various faculty communities.


As part of this refurbishment a three storey extension increases the available area for new highly visible public accessible spaces. The Anthropology Museum is now located at the ground floor with its entrance associated with the aboriginal carved rock artifacts. Ten new teaching and learning spaces at the Great Court level as well as the Antiquities Museum create a dynamic highly accessible facility. 

The extension, much smaller than Hennessey and Henessey's original unbuilt plan for Michie, is respectful to the proportions and language of the stone clad high rise building but is clearly distinct in its materiality and scale. This response is aligned to the DERM Heritage objectives and aligns with the Burra Charter which defines the basic principles and procedures to be followed in the conservation of Australian heritage places. 

Our approach to the extension was to avoid replicating the stone clad Michie Building but at the same time set up a language that would still have some relationship to the Michie Building through abstracted elements.
— Hamilton Wilson, Managing Director Wilson Architects


2009 - 2012


Project Value

Key Personnel
Hamilton Wilson, Michael Hartwich


2014 AIA Brisbane Regional Commendation for Public Architecture

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