Jeffrey Smart Building  

University of South Australia 

Wilson Architects were the primary Library and Education Consultant for the University of South Australia’s new Jeffrey Smart Learning Centre. We worked in association with John Wardle Architects + Phillips Pilkington Architects. 

The new building incorporates a full range of library services, experiential teaching and learning suites, and staff and student services.


The new library services the university’s proposed 15,000 city campus students by providing for:

  • 21st century learning spaces for students including the application of new learning technologies
  • More than 30 flexible learning areas for both formal and informal learning including dedicated indigenous students’ study area and adaptive technology suites for students with a disability
  • Integration of on-campus staff and student support services

The learning spaces emphasise collaborative, peer and social learning by moving away from traditional lecture, tutorial-style class rooms to spaces that are flexible in their design and facilities. 

This project won an Australian Institute of Architects national award for Sustainable Architecture, and a South Australia Chapter award for Educational Architecture in 2015.

Students have flooded to it since which is very satisfying to see. Thanks for your significant contribution to the project – much of what we see as being successful is through your direction and support. Thanks Hamilton – your contribution was actually quite profound
— Robert Lustri, Capital Project Director


Complete 2014


Project Value

Wilson Architects were the Library & Education Consultant to
John Wardle Architects + Phillips Pilkington Architects. 

AIA 2015 Derrick Kendrick Award for Sustainable Architecture

AIA 2015 SA Chapter Award for Educational Architecture

AIA 2015 SA Commendation for Interior Architecture

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