TGS Stadium,
Toowoomba Grammar School 

The Toowoomba Grammar School Gymnasium accommodates a program of basketball and volleyball courts, synthetic multipurpose court and support spaces. A series of platforms linking existing buildings and playing fields negotiate the sloping site, creating a new core to the sports precinct.


The architectural intervention provides opportunities for;

  • Competition-grade sporting facilities

  • Accessible connections to key existing levels on a steeply sloping site

  • Completion of the last link in a sporting precinct for the Grammar School

  • Enhanced amenity for and connections to the upper playing fields

  • Covered outdoor learning

  • Accessible link from the school to the playing fields.

  • Continuous covered connections between the playing fields, school hill-top precinct and the aquatic centre

  • Binding together disparate building fabric of surrounding buildings constructed over a protracted period and of varying styles

  • Creating a key pedestrianised zone out of a utilitarian service road 

Two stacked double-height volumes accommodating the basketball courts and indoor cricket facilities are at the centre of the scheme, with a layer of support spaces and spectator seating wrapping the edges


The ground level houses a synthetic-surfaced and netted multi-purpose court (for indoor cricket training, indoor soccer, futsal etc) and changing rooms. An extended outdoor plaza links the new facility to the aquatic centre at existing levels. A mezzanine level to this floor offers an additional overflow and spectator balcony as well as accommodating plant functions.

Formal entry to the building is via the second level, with covered courtyard and reception, two basketball courts, changing rooms and rock climbing wall. This level also addresses Trustees Oval, providing spectator seating and amenities for sporting events on the upper ovals. Spectator seating for the basketball courts is provided on the third level, along with classrooms and administration spaces for staff with views over Trustees Oval.


The building sits within the campus amongst existing buildings and does not have a direct street elevation, however it will be viewed across Trustees Oval from MacKenzie Street.  

While the building contains four levels of programme, cutting the building into the sloping site minimises overall visual impact with only two levels visible. Additionally, the high court zones are clad in a slightly reflective, lightweight and translucent material to reduce visual bulk. A verandah form for the office and classroom functions adjacent to the oval spectator seating promotes reading the mass and form as a perceived single story from the street.  As such it sits within a group of one and two storey buildings.


The existing character of the campus is acknowledged in the choice of masonry elements to provide a contextual link with both heritage and contemporary buildings on campus. These brick accretions also serve to define key elements of the facade and provide a humanising scale to what is necessarily a large complex. This strategy also reduces the perceived scale of the building in relation to the existing buildings.

Development of the new gymnasium has allowed refurbishment and repurposing of existing gymnasium facilities, prolonging the life of existing campus sporting facilities.



2015 - 2018 

Project Value

Key Personnel
Hamilton Wilson, Shaun Purcell, Phillip Lukin, Luis Sidonio, Lamare Wimberly, Sophie Lorenz, Lia Kim

2019 QLD Architecture Awards - Darling Downs Regional Commendation (Educational Architecture) 



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