Engineering Labs Consolidation

RMIT University, Victoria 

The commission includes new purpose-made spaces for High Voltage and Heavy Structures Laboratories relocated from RMIT’s City campus to the Bundoora campus. The Consolidation project includes 11 unique and distinct projects each with specific technical and spatial requirements. JWA + WA focused on delivering improved space efficiency and utilisation, benchmarking against known facilities and embedding concepts of world’s best practice and leading environmental sustainability initiatives. 

Wilson Architects led the detailed briefing for the complex stakeholder groups including teaching + learning, research and laboratory and technical working groups for all consolidated projects.

A collaborative working arrangement was established for each of the projects, bringing together a range of creative, technical and strategic contributions from a diversity of architects and interior designers within JWA + WA.



2014 - Current

Project Value
$20M (Across 11 projects)

Key Personnel
John Wardle Architects + Wilson Architects (Architects in association)

John Thong
Brent Hardcastle

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