QUT Science and Engineering Centre

Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point 

Donovan Hill + Wilson Architects (Architects in Association) were successful winners of the short listed design competition for the QUT Science + Technology Precinct + Community Hub Project (now known as the Science and Engineering Centre – SEC).

The proposed site comprised of four key buildings - Y Block being the refectory, retail and Guild, I Block being the pool complex, P Block Civil Engineering labs and L Block, accommodating BEE faculty and Mathematics, were demolished to provide an effective project site area of approximately 11,200sqm. The project significantly enhances QUT’s position as a leader in education and research, and this project addresses many issues including cultural and building heritage, sustainability and community partnering and a substantial review of critical pedagogy across the campus.

The project’s success is evident in that the SEC brings together teaching and research in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a world leading model and dynamic community hub. The Centre transforms the way teaching and learning is undertaken at QUT with an emphasis on technology enabled active learning, in a collaborative and interactive facility. The Cube, a hub for scientific and digital exploration, is housed within the Centre, and open to the public, encouraging interaction with passersby. 

Wilson Architects were also significantly involved in the organisation planning for the precinct.  Based on our theoretical frameworks, a diverse range of social learning spaces were collocated with active teacher-led learning spaces directly connected to a transparent ground plane to create a highly dynamic student environment.

The Science and Engineering Centre has finally provided us with a visual reinforcement for our recruitment statement that we are a “university for the real world”. We now have something that shows we are innovative, exciting and sustainable, and the building speaks much louder than words.
— Georgia Parr, Senior Marketing Ambassador, Science and Engineering Faculty, QUT, recent graduate


2008 - 2013


Project Value

Donovan Hill Architects + Wilson Architects, Architects in Association

Key Personnel
Hamilton Wilson, Brent Hardcastle, Maddie Zahos, Lauren Wellington 

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