Executive Education Centre,
QUT Graduate School of Business  

Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point

The design objectives for the Executive Education Centre (EEC) sought to reflect the pivotal role business education plays in today’s society and recognising that the important decisions made by our business leaders directly effects societal change and economic imperatives.  The opportunity for the design of the EEC was to capture the imagination of the next generation of business leaders and to create an environment in which they could engage, observe, learn and collaborate. 


The design for the Centre therefore developed a series of interconnected spaces which leverage off the activities carried out within each space. The teaching and learning spaces were immersed with technology to facilitate the ability for corporate clients to intuitively engage with the Centre as they would in any business or corporate environment.  The spaces were made as transparent as possible, to enhance the visual engagement experienced by the corporate clients and promote opportunities for them to directly influence others or to equally learn from their peers, in as much as the curriculum, and therefore nurture the decision making process through design.

Design process

Our initial focus was on the functional planning and its ability to provide the desired long term flexibility that creates spaces that are readily adaptable to constant variance in programming.  We aimed to create an environment as both a venue for creativity and a workshop for the corporate education programs.

Acknowledging the importance of incidental collaborative spaces within buildings is also fundamental to their success as a rich learning environment, a workplace and also as a facility that encourages interaction and captures the imagination of their occupants.  The design process engaged closely with the stakeholders to develop the brief and workshop the design values to propose a design to facilitate an engaging centre where ideas are exchanged, new collaborations established and partnerships augmented within the wider professional business community. We explored prototypes and other benchmark installations to compare and develop the design concepts that best suited the design ambitions and expectations for the EEC project. 



Complete 2012

Project Value

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