QUT Busway Link

Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove

Wilson Architects were commissioned to advance an approved concept design (prepared by Cox Rayner and Tract) outlining an extension of the existing Campus Pedestrian Spine.

The proposed Busway Link project establishes an important pedestrian link and new entranceway into the QUT Kelvin Grove Campus from the proposed Inner Northern Busway station.  The Inner Northern Busway station is located along the eastern side of the campus on axis with the existing Campus Pedestrian Spine. 

This project offers a unique opportunity to QUT to capture the students and people’s imagination by re-invigorating the existing Campus landscape in a way that builds upon the existing circulation diagram and promotes a new avenue of connectivity for the Campus’ eastern edge.  This includes promoting a clear lineage of circulation through the Campus with the potential to attract interest from the wider community via the Busway Link and provide the opportunity for a special interactive experience.

The project scope includes a dramatic new pedestrian bridge, lookout and connecting lift structure and new pedestrian plaza spaces.  Concurrent with this work is a number of ancillary consequential works to adjoining buildings to integrate the new pedestrian spine access into the existing campus environ.

Stakeholder consultation has also been conducted with numerous users including the Inner Northern Busway consultancy team, QUT technical and user stakeholders and project consultancy teams. 



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