Pimlico TAFE,
Feasibility Study and Concept Design

Wilson Architects have been working with Tafe Queensland on a feasibility study and concept design for their Pimlico, Townsville campus. 

The plan reviews and identifies redevelopment options and alternative use of excess property that aim to create a vibrant, engaging and inclusive learning and working environment that attracts an increasingly broad client base.

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The Pimlico Campus consist of numerous buildings, and the Campus features predominantly aging buildings that have reached the end of their functional life and are in very poor condition.

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Initial investigations into the feasibility of alternative campus locations was undertaken to determine the most suitable and appropriate location for Tafe in Townsville. Redevelopment of the campus at Pimlico remains the most suitable opportunity for Tafe NQ to re-establish its presence with a vibrant place for learning and teaching in Townsville.

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It is anticipated that any new facilities be constructed to maximise exposure to the surrounding community, to provide an appropriate civic presence, providing a public interface for courses such as hairdressing, beauty and hospitality, and to raise the visibility and profile of Tafe at Pimlico as an attractive and desirable place for learning.

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2016 - 2017


Project Value

Key Personnel
Hamilton Wilson, Brent Hardcastle, Alex Quah-Smith, Tomo Takada, Shaun Purcell

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