Ormiston College Centre for Learning & Innovation

Ormiston, Qld

The ambition for the new Centre for Learning and Innovation (CLI) creates the space, tools and support for the 21st Century Learner. 

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Changes in teaching and learning practice has created a new demand for space that can leverage the digital information revolution. The library once the physical space for student access to content, has lost its once commanding currency. However the shift in MOOCS, online content delivery, has changed the nature of how content is used in the classroom and the need to extend learning beyond these teacher-led spaces, to student directed spaces where they can connect, collaborate, innovate and learn. 

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The competition brief for this project has been kept deliberately loose to enable architects to explore opportunities with less constraints, to challenge existing paradigms, to strive for innovative solutions and to inspire change. The existing Ormiston College Library has outgrown its size and its ability to provide the diverse range of spaces required for a 21st Century school.

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Project Type
Shortlisted Design Competition

Key Personnel
Hamilton Wilson, John Thong, Phillip Lukin, Shaun Purcell, Luis Sidonio & Sophie Lorenz.

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