2019 Australian Institute of Architects Jury Citations 

Kooroomba Chapel,


This is a building that is hard to define but to witness the building is to know that it is very successful.

The building appears simple; an exposed timber frame with a humble gabled shed roof. Its simplicity allows the building to poetically sit within the setting, gesturing romantic notions of ruins and folly’s within the landscape. 

Utilising simple shed construction, the building utilises a minimal palette. The form and scale are well considered with a feeling inside that is almost cathedral-like. The detailing is simple and well considered, such as in the wall behind the apse where subtle changes to the studs represent a traditional stained glass window.

Carefully placed within the lavender farm setting, the form of the building has cues to its purpose as a chapel including bell tower, nave, alter and leaded window. Vines are slowly engulfing the chapel, adding to the romance of the internal experience. 

This chapel is not a religious space, but it is definitely a spiritual one. The natural beauty of the valley is enhanced when viewed from within, and this chapel will enrich many weddings and memories for years to come.
— 2019 AIA Jury