Verandah Walk, James Cook University

Recently opened, the Verandah Walk is an initiative to improve navigation and provide a network of covered links around the JCU Townsville campus.

Wilson Architects and Wilson Landscape Architects were engaged to provide a planning study of landscape, circulation and covered walk elements at the southern end of the Douglas Campus, pivoting around the Mabo Library. This was termed the JCU South Node Works Planning Study, now known as the Verandah Walk

Four nodes along the walk promote way finding and variety of experience - four nodes equates to four quadrants of the library. Each node takes on a different character relating directly to its locality.

Northern nodes are meeting or study places, reflecting their positions at the start of the indigenous walk, education precinct and science walk. Southern nodes signify ceremonial entry to the Library which gain height and act as totems in the landscape.

Varied architectural screening, materiality, seating and landscape strategies can combine to create variety between the nodes. A continuous coloured blade on the fascia of the walkway promotes legibility in the landscape - a coloured ribbon defining the campus walk.



2013 - 2017


Key Personnel
Hamilton Wilson, Shaun Purcell, Phillip Lukin, John Harrison & Ilka Salisbury

Services Provided
Architecture & Landscape Architecture

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