Healing environment principles are informing design across the health and aged care sectors. One of the principles is increased access to nature and landscape to benefit the wellbeing of patients, staff and visitors. 

Our ongoing research in this sector demonstrates the importance of designing healthcare facilities to encourage wellbeing, promote social opportunities and physical activity. 

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Research study: Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Future

Wilson Architects, in conjunction with world-leading Critical Care Research Group (CCRG) and Lendlease, is currently undertaking research into the design of ICU environments. 

Studies show that up to 82% of patients suffer delirium while being treated in ICU departments. This in turn, leads to increased mortality rates and widespread distress. 

Healthcare specialists have long understood the impacts of illness, age and physiology on a patient’s ICU recovery outcome. The importance of the ICU bedspace environment design is only now being explored. 

What will come of the research? 

The project team will deliver a comprehensive report which will inform the development of a new prototype – The Future ICU Bedspace. This prototype will set the benchmark for ICU bedspace design, and explore the physical environment (light, acoustics, air quality etc.) alongside best practice in bedside care (use of technologies and care delivery). 

The project is currently underway, due for completion November 2018.