Freedom on Taylor 1 

Toowoomba, QLD

The Freedom Aged Care Village in Toowoomba, Australia was a typical 1990’s senior living building that lacked the warmth, community feel and amenity expected by today’s market. We upgraded the village to create a cost-effective and resident-focused environment that is a pleasure to live in, including re-design of all community areas and refurbishment of existing units, design of additional units and creation of a defined ‘front door’ to the village.

We re-designed the original communal dining hall to focus on building community. The space encourages interaction and fosters relationships between residents, as well as feeling open and welcoming for family and friends.

Our approach puts the residents at the centre of the design, just the way we would with our university accommodation projects. It’s about liveability. We tailor the facilities to the occupants first so the perception is of home, and care is a seamless component.
— Shaun Purcell, Wilson Architects


Complete 2012

Brownfield refurbishment and extension

Key Personnel
Hamilton Wilson,
Shaun Purcell, Luke Gavioli

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