Eleanor Schonell Bridge Landscape

St Lucia, QLD

Wilson Landscape Architects were invited to join the John Holland bid team to provide the landscape architectural services to develop the journey from Annerley Road through Dutton Park into the St Lucia Campus at the University of Queensland. An initiative of the Brisbane City Council, John Holland's bid was successful, and the bridge and linking pathways have been available for use since the end of 2006.

The challenge for the proposed new routes through Dutton Park and the St Lucia campus was to retain the intrinsic cultural qualities of the areas whilst providing pathways of suitable grades for pedestrians, bicyclists and bus linkages.

ES Bridge_03.jpg

As well, environmentally sustainable initiatives were proposed and included:

  • Overland flows of storm water returned into the ground through rock lined swales rather than piped away.
  • Bio retention basins established with plantings of macrophytes.
  • Solar collectors installed on the roof of the shelter at Dutton Park Place to contribute to power for lighting. 

ES Bridge_05.jpg
ES Bridge_02.jpg


Complete 2006

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