Multimedia Learning Centre

Bond University 

The Multimedia Learning Centre (MLC) is located within the northern wing of the main arch building at Bond University, a space previously utilised as an Art Gallery, but due to significant issues regarding acoustic reverberation and daylighting, had become generally a disused space.

The MLC is a self directed learning centre, as well as a digital gallery for the presentation of multimedia high art and for the use of computer gaming technology. The MLC space comprises a number of specific zones, including social learning and interactive lounges, group oriented study booths, collaborative study desks and enclosed Collaborative Learning Rooms, with extensive AV and technology support for film, tv and computer gaming courses presently offered to Bond University students.

The socialisation spaces within the MLC are provided with comfortable and flexible lounge furniture with easy access to power; a laptop bar near the entry allows for quick access to information and social networking. The MLC is supported by a concierge style kiosk, staffed at all times, provides support and information for students, and for the loaning of peripheral equipment available to all students for use in the study booths, CLR and at individual computers.

The MLC facility also included the construction of two mezzanine levels within the former Art Gallery space, and these spaces are utilised as teaching spaces for the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Understanding the character and culture of the Bond Community, the space was designed to ensure the visual engagement by users, both inside and out through the addition of new windows and extensive areas of glazing and provide spectacular views of the campus lake and Fountain of Learning. The acoustic qualities of the space have been dramatically improved through the use of acoustic battens to both the skylight roof and parts of the internal walls.

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Complete 2008


Project Value

2010 CEFPI Educational Facilities Awards (Australiasia Region) - Commendation for Renovation/Modernisation of a School

2009 AIA QLD State Awards - GHM Addison Award

Key Personnel
Hamilton Wilson, Brent Hardcastle

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