Bond Library & Annexe   

Bond University, QLD

The John & Alison Kearney Library, located within the southern wing of the main arch building at Bond University provides an environment that is inclusive and recognises and supports different types of learners. The human condition requires diversity – private spaces for the introvert; visually connected spaces for the voyeur and social / performance spaces for the exhibitionist. These are all part of the theatre of space. The library offers educational impact and not just services and information provision. 


Fourth generation libraries offer diverse learning experiences where printed and digital information can be combined in an environment which is user focused and service rich where students can work collaboratively in spaces that support today’s social and learning patterns. They are places where libraries can communicate the outcomes of the students’ teaching and learning processes. Critically, it acknowledges that learning behaviour is the driver for change and creates a situation where technology is one of its support tools and spatial experience needs to be appropriate to the study behaviour of individuals and groups.

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Furniture was selected to ensure comfort and support a broad variety of learning modes, and to encourage collaborative work where students can gather as large or intimate groups. Technology is embedded in various ways within, dependent upon the type of zone and the furniture. Wireless connectivity is ubiquitous, and laptop use is extended within and beyond the facility. The study booths zones form the most technology rich spaces within the dynamic lower floor level include large screen lcds to enable students to effectively and appropriately scale information for display to a group, with laptop connectivity and integrated PCs. Booths are further equipped with document visualisers to assist in student presentations, assignment preparation and the translation of ideas.

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Complete 2009

Project Value

Key Personnel
Hamilton Wilson, Brent Hardcastle, Jenny Yang

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