Axon Learning Lab  

University of Queensland, St Lucia

The Axon Learning Lab is a fully interactive teaching and learning lab for the Electrical Engineering Faculty which supports a range of pedagogical modes. The theatrical set quality of the space encourages students to engage with the alternative modes and to value creative solutions. Groups of 3 students clustered in tables share interactive tablet PC’s linked with wall mounted screens. A continuous strip of whiteboard supports creative unstructured group work. The Lecturer retains control over individual tables through a linked room AMX system that enables switching from group work to didactic mode.

The active learning space was part of a Wilson Architects' research study which focused on pedagogy, timetabling and cost, and asked the question ‘do active learning classrooms liberate the timetabling of space?’ Read about our research projects here and download the paper.



Complete 2009


Project Value

Key Personnel
Hamilton Wilson,
Phillip Lukin

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