All Hallows' School Terraces & Landscape

Wilson Architects has designed the terraces and adjacent landscape for one of Brisbane’s most historic sites – All Hallows’ School. The all-girls high school was established in 1861, and as such, is home to some of Queensland’s oldest buildings. 

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The design brief was to first and foremost maintain the pastoral quality of the school and its views to the river. Wilson Architects design amplifies the site’s prime inner-city position, all the while continuing the architectural language of the firm’s recent works at the school.  

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Landscape Architect Ilka Salisbury, part of the design team, says that integrating landscape
architecture in education is highly beneficial. 

“Landscape aids in the learning process by providing a space for leisure or outdoor lessons, and promoting interaction with tactile landscape components,” she says.

“It also gives students a greater understanding of the many benefits of plants, and environmental sustainability more broadly. Fresh air and green break-out spaces provide respite from the stress of classrooms. 

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“A school surrounded by an attractive landscape is an inspiration to all students, teachers, staff and parents.”

Wilson Architects was inspired by the view across to the river from a particular part of the site – the Convent. 

“We were careful that our design didn’t alter or jeopardise the site’s grandeur,” Ilka says.

Existing timber garden pergolas were retained as significant historical parts of the garden. 

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Meanwhile, other works included the formation of a single terrace to facilitate physical activities for an increasing number of students. The design prevents students falling over the brick retaining wall between the two existing terraces, which was previously a major issue for the school.


The project also included the reformation of the grade 12 gathering space, previously located below a series of large Ficus trees on uneven brick paving. A new deck protects the tree roots and promotes the trees’ continuing health, while providing a setting that supports student

The retained and enhanced magnificence of existing trees and views to the river, reinforces the girls’ education towards conservation of the natural world.

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Complete Jan 2017

Project Budget

Key Personnel

Beth Wilson, Ilka Salisbury, Phillip Lukin

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