Catherine Court  

All Hallows School, Brisbane Qld 

Completed during the very wet period over January and February 2011, the precinct provides for the diverse needs of the school community working within the constraints of a difficult site.

Wilson Architects and Wilson Landscape Architects were responsible for the design documentation and delivery of the project.  The work included all paving, seating, DDA compliance, structures, coordination with engineering service consultants, and respect for the heritage of the school.


Extensive client liaison and student input with the design team has lead to a newly celebrated courtyard space at All Hallows School in Brisbane.

The site once constrained with obstructive retaining walls and tennis courts has been reimagined as an inspiring courtyard space. Two massive heritage listed fig trees have painstakingly been retained - these trees have become the focus of the courtyard providing an extensive green shaded canopy for the students. Trellisage adjacent to the building provide a transition between building and courtyard. A fountain is located centrally in the courtyard provides an activation of the space. The design respects the heritage of the site and through skilful interplay of hard landscape materials - timber, stone and planting provide a great resource for the school.

Strong connection to client with insightful, inspiring design with technical based response


Complete 2011

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