Adderton: House and Heart of Mercy

Brisbane, QLD

Adderton: House and Heart of Mercy (formerly the Mercy Heritage Centre) is located in the grounds of All Hallows’ secondary school, with some buildings dating back to 1858. The Sisters of Mercy organisation wanted to connect the public to the complexity and richness of their heritage sites. 


The brief was to take the Centre from being a static museum, with very limited visitation, to a transformational hub of creativity and community. The Sisters of Mercy’s ethos revolves around hospitality, openness and welcoming – values that weren’t reflected in the precinct’s accessibility. 

Wilson Architects’ 2016 Masterplan actively provides links to neighbouring CBD pedestrian thoroughfares, while securing the All Hallows’ school grounds for the safety of students. Using connecting bridges and a series of pathways, the site will increasingly benefit from the traffic of inner-city crowds.

The subsequent rejuvenation project is an opportunity to re-examine the site, while respecting and honouring the legacy of the past in order to plan for a place that celebrates and encourages the human spirit. 

The landscape installation to the House of Mercy courtyard is an ‘outdoor room’ in the gallery program, drawing on the Sisters’ spirituality and strong connection to healing power of gardens. The landscaped courtyard is a contemporary installation of Christian garden design, while displaying the external heritage fabric, and provides a place for the Convent which centres the visitor experience and creates a sense of community, contemplation and reflection. 

Through the master plan, Wilson Architects have made this site, which is critical to Brisbane’s history, accessible and supportive of the visitor experience – totally transforming how the site is read.
— Alice-Anne Boylan, Mercy Centre Director


2016 - 2018



Key Personnel
Hamilton Wilson, Sarah Mahon, Phillip Lukin, Shaun Purcell, Lia Kim & Shane Collins

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